Balcombe Place

The House



We keep saying how flexible the house is, but here are the fun facts.

Balcombe Place has five reception rooms, with a capacity of 20 - 150 guests seated together in one room. 

With the use of a marquee on the lawn you can have up to 350 guests sit for supper.

We have ten exquisite bedrooms for you and your house guests to stay the night, or nights! Another four are on the way but work is yet to be scheduled.

Image: Hayley Rose

Image: Hayley Rose

Entrance Hall

The drive sweeps past the pony paddocks and straightens as you meet the house. The impressive red brick chimneys is what you will see first. As the trees clear you will see both the Main House and the Service Wine in front of you.

The stone arch into the porch welcomes you to the huge wooden door, look closely and you’ll see beautiful engravings in the panelling.

The stone flooring compliments the wooden panelling which frames the whole room. Double glazed doors allow you to see right through the Main Hall, the Drawing Room and into the garden.

Home: A welcoming entrance for you and your guests to feel instantly at ease.

Event: Set up a welcome drinks table or have staff welcoming guests with drinks on trays, either way, it’s the best introduction to a house.

Image: Hayley Rose

Image: Hayley Rose

Main Hall

This is your living room.

At the heart of the house the Main Hall opens into every reception room; the Library, the Drawing Room, the Music Room, the Billiard Room

A large stone fireplace is surrounded by beautiful sofas and decorative Persian rugs furnish the polished floorboards.

A large archway guides you through to the house rooms; the Guest Kitchen, the Dining Room.

The elegant central staircase, twists up to the first and second floors.

Home: It maybe big, but it is still warm. Relax by the fire, play parlour games in the centre, make this the meeting point for all.

Event: Serve drinks and canapés to your guests, have the House bar in here, the possibilities are endless.

Image:  Sarah London


Dark wood panels line every wall. Books and family photo albums fill the shelves and the green felt card table is waiting for a game of poker.

With the large open fire, partnered with soft sofas and armchairs, the Library provides a cosy and relaxing place to unwind with a good book or that all important gin and tonic.

Home: The perfect place to read the papers or retire after supper.

Event: Serve port after dinner, perhaps a tea and coffee station, or a whiskey and cigar bar. Or just leave the room exactly as it is for those who want to take the weight off and catch up.

Image:  Sarah London

Drawing Room

This room is so unique and special, you need to see it to believe it.

The incredible marble fireplace, with intricate carvings and stunning colours, stands proud alongside the gold flecks of the wallpaper and the deep blue velvet curtains.

The white sash windows of the bay window pull sunlight into the room all year.

Home: Create a luxurious dining space or make it the games room.

Event: Make it the bar, the dance floor or the backdrop for a photo booth.

Image: Jodi Hanagan

Image: Jodi Hanagan

Music Room

The room that will steal your heart.

The amazing view that greets you as you walk in is the minstrels’ gallery concealing
an electric organ, with a glittery chandelier above the balcony. Opposite, two large archways open into the Billiard Room. A huge and ornate fireplace sits to one side of the organ with a large bay window and window seat to the other. Wooden panelling, an arched ceiling and amazing lighting allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Home: Dance, even if there is just a handful of you, sing sweet notes from the balcony, use the room for yoga or sound therapy, or just close the doors!

Event: The most elaborate dining room, the most insane dance floor - it could even be both if we arrange a turnover - this room is like no other and you will dream about it long after you have left.

Image:  Sarah London

Billiard Room

The large window, with window seat, the central fireplace, and even more wooden panelling, blends seamlessly with the Music Room to give you more seating and a dance floor to party the night away under the disco ball.

Home: We’ve created an intimate dining room for 16, we’ve had a dance floor in here, even a playroom.

Event: More seating and more dancing, or use it as your bar area if you choose to dance in the Music Room.


Image:  Sarah London

Dining Room

One of our favourite rooms, our calm space, our triumph.

A grand room with elegant strips and beautiful oil paintings, it is the room of elegant dining. Silver folks and bone handles knife sit next to antique crockery and crystal clear glasses.

Home: Eat every meal here. A relaxed breakfast, a family lunch or a glamorous dinner, the Dining Room is the get away from the huge rooms of the Main House and exclusively for house guests.

Event: An elaborate dinner party or an afternoon lunch meeting. Take advantage of our huge dining room table.

Image:  Sarah London

Guest Kitchen

An over the top tea tray!

The Guest Kitchen is reserved for house guests. Don’t wait to find a member of staff, or feel you have to ask permission, help yourself.

Unlimited tea, coffee, juices and all that goes with them, is supplied for you and your house guests to really feel at home. Every house needs a good kitchen, we have three, but this one is all yours.

Image:  Sarah London

The Bedrooms

We have ten, beautiful en-suite bedrooms available to view. Each one individually designed and thoughtfully decorated to provide a unique, luxurious get away for you and your chosen guests.

Renovations will continue with fourteen bedrooms to be available in total. The final four bedrooms are yet to be scheduled.