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‘Your Day Your Way’ at Balcombe Place

If you’re reading this you’re very likely thinking of holding your wedding at Balcombe Place. In which case, I would hazard a guess that you have been delving deep into all-things wedding-related of late – so it hasn’t escaped your notice that a wedding revolution is currently taking place.

All around the U.K. couples are looking to take more control and have ‘their day their way’. No longer satisfied with the one-size-fits-all packages on offer, people are searching for venues that offer a blank canvas upon which to create something that authentically ‘them’.

With a plethora of wedding blogs out there often showcasing real-weddings, there is a veritable feast of ideas and inspiration circulating the internet too.

Never before have so many venues, planners and suppliers been pushing the boundaries and redefining what the word ‘wedding’ conjures up in our mind.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be tying the knot – so congratulations to you!

And, this is why somewhere like Balcombe Place is a fantastic place to say, ‘I do’, since the very essence of what they offer is...CHOICE.  

With so many awe-inspiring rooms and outdoor spaces on offer as a backdrop to your perfect day - and with the onus being placed on how you wish to use them - the options here are endless.

That spirit of possibility and individuality also extends to who presides over your ceremony.  And once again, that decision all comes down to personal preference.

Since, Balcombe Place is a licensed venue you are able to be legally married here. However, you might also like to consider working with a celebrant, either as well as, or instead of, a local registrar.

 So, what is a celebrant, I hear you cry?!

Hannah Osmond - photo by Jacqui McSweeney.

Hannah Osmond - photo by Jacqui McSweeney.

 Well, I can speak from personal experience here, since I am one (!) and it would be fair to say that I think I have the best job in the world.

I like to think of myself as someone who can weave a bit of magic to help people have the wedding ceremony of their dreams.

 My aim is for all the couples I work with to view me as their super-friendly, stress-busting, ceremony-buddy.

I’m someone who can embrace all the quirky, kooky visions you may have of your special day, to ensure your wedding ceremony is JUST the way you want it to be.  

Previous wedding ceremonies I have delivered have included:

-        a pet Daschund as the ring bearer

-       en-mass singalongs with a rock guitarist for accompaniment

-       games of rock, paper, scissors to see who takes their vows first

-       grooms sitting on airplane seats from Concorde

Frequently I am asked to include rituals such as handfastings and sand ceremonies within the ceremony too. Basically, my job is to help you be as imaginative as you want to be.

Outside wedding Hannah Osmond

Of course, sometimes a couple’s vision is about having something very stripped-back and simple. And these ceremonies are just as impactful; for as we all know sometimes ‘less is more’.

Maybe, like so many of the couples I work with, you just really want to have your ceremony outside and this is preventing you from having your legal marriage on the same day.

Whatever the reason, we are all unique, and this is exactly why a celebrant-led ceremony often feels like the right option for couples.  

When working with a celebrant, the (ceremony) world is your oyster!

So how does it all happen?

Well, I personally begin working with my couples around 6-months before their wedding day to begin writing their ceremony with them.

Following our initial planning meeting – usually over tea and cake whenever geography permits – I go away armed with all kinds of thoughts, ideas and suggestions and begin working on a first draft of the script.

Outside wedding with Hannah Osmond

At this point we wave a polite ‘bye-bye’ to what ‘should’ be said at a wedding ceremony, and open our arms to creativity, as I find innovative, personal, heartfelt and joyful ways to tell their story.

We talk about how we might include their family and friends in the ceremony. We also let go of other people’s expectations, and free ourselves from the ties of tradition, to enable ourselves to take a fresh and deeply personal approach to what the ceremony entails.

I am always happy to work with my couples to help them pen personal vows to one another as well, which can provide a really beautiful moment within any ceremony.

By the wedding day itself we will have already had a rehearsal in-situ so everyone will be as cool as cucumbers.  

Then it’s smiles, laughs, tears (of happiness!), promises, and a whole lot of L-O-V-E as we celebrate together.  

My website includes more information and some Kind Words from fab couples, just like you, that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, so please do check it out:

I love to chat, so do feel free to give me a call if you have any Qs on 07780 708864  

Or email me at:

I’m a member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and The Celebrant’s Collective; and am also a listed supplier LGBTQ Equality Weddings.

If you’re a same-sex, interracial, multi-cultural or multi-faith couple looking for a celebrant then please know that you’ve come to exactly the right place. The ‘House of Hannah’ is a house of absolute love, acceptance and support for everyone, everywhere.

Please note that for a marriage to be recognised in law, a separate service within a registry office, or at an approved licensed venue, with a legal registrar is required.